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The original and meaningful accomplishments of our M.A. Arts Politics alumni exemplify courage, depth, rigor, a dedication to beauty, and to truth seeking.

Please read on to find out what graduates of our program are doing now and how their experience in the program shaped their work.

Alumni Spotlight

Jon Henry

Jon Henry

Jon is an interdisciplinary artist interested in space’s social, relational, and communal forms. His work is influenced by abject, direct action, relational aesthetics, and camp. He works to instigate changes, dialogues, and transformations. Since moving back to Virginia, where he also runs a local farm stand, he has become more interested in creating works based in and on the land. Part of this project includes the development of an artist residency, Old Furnace Artist Residency, which offers (free) creative spaces to encourage emerging, community based, and/or politically motivated art. The project services as the over arching title and ‘institution’ for a variety of community and land based projects.

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Informational Video

Informational Video

Alumni and faculty share their experiences in the M.A. in Arts Politics

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