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Application Requirements

The Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing is highly selective and provides an academically and creatively demanding curriculum.


The BFA program in the Dramatic Writing Department is a four year program designed to give students a liberal arts based education with an emphasis on writing for theater, film and television. The Dramatic Writing Department’s curriculum consists of writing workshops, text analysis classes, production/performance classes and pre-professional training classes to be taken as well as general education classes throughout the university. Over the course of four years, students will analyze the dramatic text as it has developed since the time of the ancient Greeks, learn basic production techniques, explore the world of performance, develop and refine their writing ability while studying a broad range of liberal arts classes outside the department.


The MFA program in the Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing is a two year program which trains students in the three mediums of dramatic writing: theater, film and television. It is the mission of the department to teach students the basics of dramatic storytelling while preparing them for their futures as professional writers.

Graduate students take writing workshops, text analysis courses, production process courses and pre-professional training courses throughout their two years. Our students are educated broadly in each of the three mediums while providing specialized study in each, with emphasis on original work. We believe that training writers in more than one medium makes them strong and flexible writers, who use the strengths of different mediums to enrich their work in all mediums. 

Undergraduate Freshman Applicants

Early Decision applications due November 1st 2017
Early Decision II applications due January 1st 2018
Regular Decision applications due January 1st 2018

Graduate Applicants

Applications due December 1, 2017 (deadline extended to December 15, 2017)



Applicants must complete the Tisch Graduate Admissions Application and submit a creative portfolio for Dramatic Writing at Tisch:

  1. Fill out the NYU Graduate Application, which will be available on or after September 2017.

  2. Resume:  Please list any published or produced work, and any work experience that is relevant to a writing career.

  3. Personal Statement of Intent: In 750 words or less, describe your personal and professional interest in the program. What will you bring to the Dramatic Writing Department? How will you benefit from studying here? Please include what you are interested in writing, why you are interested in studying with us, and any writing aspirations you might have.

  4. Two letters of recommendation.

  5. Transcripts from the applicant’s undergraduate and graduate schools and letters of recommendation are seriously considered in the application process. Transcripts and letters of recommendation should be uploaded onto the graduate application in the specified place.

  6. Upload your creative portfolio to the Dramatic Writing Slideroom account

Admission to the program depends primarily on the quality of the writing that an applicant submits – a full-length play or screenplay or 2 TV scripts (1 spec, 1 pilot, see below)*. All submitted work must be original and written solely by the applicant (ie., no co-writes or adaptations). Applicants should not send videotapes or audiotapes of their work.

*For television work, applicants should submit two scripts, a spec and a pilot.  It’s recommended for specs to choose series that are currently airing and well-known. Applicants should upload one PDF comprised of both scripts.


NOTE:  The GRE is not required for admission. Because this is a writing program operated in English, non-native English speakers must have excellent, nearly flawless English speaking and writing ability.

Transfer Applicants from NYU Into Tisch

Applications due March 1st 2018

Transfer Applicants from Another Tisch Department

Applications due March 1st 2018

Transfer Applicants from Another University

Applications due April 1st 2018

Double Majors

Applications due March 1st 2018


By successfully completing the requirements for a major in dramatic writing and a major in another department of the Tisch School of the Arts, the College of Arts and Science, or the School of Education, it may be possible for an undergraduate to complete a double major.

Students may declare their double major after one year of work in the program.

1.Meet with Ruma Uddin our program director to see if one is possible

2. Fill out the Double Major application form.

3. Choose works for the creative portfolio.

4. Upload your creative portfolio.