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On May 3rd, 4th, and 5th, the class, in concert with the Bats and directors affiliated with the Flea Theater, will read selections from their thesis plays.  To read the excerpts and contact the playwrights to read the play in full, please visit https://tischddwthesis.wordpress.com.


Friday, May 5th

Believeland, by Hannah Leach

Directed by Kristan Seemel

Life Teen, by Erica Lanser

Directed by Kimille Howard

The Weller Kids, by Jacob Levy

Directed by Ben Kamine


Featuring The Bats, The Resident Acting Company at The Flea Theater

Rachel Handler, Joseph Huffman, Andrew Gloebel, Liz Leimkuhler, DeAnna Supplee, Eden Zane, Samantha Aneson, Xiomara Rolon, Rebeca Rad, Lindsay Gitter, Amanda Centano, Dylan Arredondo, Jenna Krasowski, Danté Jeanfelix, Ben Schrager, Nancy Quintana, Artem Kreimer, Liz Leimkuhler, DeAnna Supplee, Marcus Jones, Ben Lorenz, Dylan Arredondo, Katherine George, Broderick Clavery, Phil Feldman, Isabella Dawis, Kelley Nicole Dugan


And Guest Artists

Tanya Perez, Nicole King, Laurena Allan, Finn Kerwin, Cliff Sellers



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