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Second Year Showcase 2017

Dates: May 6, 4:30-10pm

May 7, 11:30-5pm

Location: Cantor Film Center

36 E 8th St, New York, NY 10003


The Annual Second Year Showcase is perhaps the most highly anticipated event at Grad Film. This is so because of where this work falls in the arc of our curriculum. These second year films that will be shown in this showcase are a real culmination of what has come before. After the rush of the first year work - three films, each of which has a very specific shape and purpose - these now-experienced directors spread their wings in whatever way most expresses their artistic and storytelling ambitions. The students can make any film they want. In fact that is the real charge here - make the film that most speaks in your own voice - the story, the style, the form, the experience that you believe your film should be. Do that we tell them - and that they do, as individuals, of course, but also as a group: these films are made by all of the students, and are the result of a two month pre-production stage followed by an epically intense 3 month production period during which they all work on each other’s films, and all make their own.    

This intensity, this massive immersion in the art and practice of making films, produces several things, not the least of which is a bond between the filmmakers that will last a lifetime. It also produces, and this is why we are here, 38 remarkable, personal, accomplished works that are presented to the world for the first time, here.

Barbara Schock, Chair

Graduate Film - Tisch School of the Arts

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