Undergraduate Major and Minor

The B.A. in Performance Studies builds on a rigorous, writing-intensive, interdisciplinary core curriculum that trains students to understand how embodied actions create social meanings. 

Designed to be flexible, the BA allows students to double major (including in programs at CAS), and/or study abroad. 

Lower and upper division electives allow students to deepen their engagement with specific genres or subject matter, and the final capstone project gives them the opportunity to undertake an extended, original research project under the supervision of faculty. 

Performance Studies Major

Core Curriculum courses (16 points)

  • Introduction to Performance Studies (PERF-UT 101)
  • Performance Theory (PERF-UT 102)
  • Performance of the City (PERF-UT 103)
  • Performance and Politics (PERF-UT 104)

Lower-Division Electives (8 points)

Choose 2 courses from the following:

  • Performance Composition (PERF-UT 201)
  • Performative Writing Workshop (PERF-UT 204)
  • Performance Histories (PERF-UT 205)
  • The Performance of Everyday Life (PERF-UT 206)

Upper-Division Electives (12 points)

Choose 3 of the following:

  • Queer Performance (PERF-UT 302)
  • Theories of Movement (PERF-UT 303)
  • Performance and Technology (PERF-UT 304)
  • Topics in Performance Studies (PERF-UT 305)
  • Critical Approaches to Race and Ethnicity in Performance (PERF-UT 306)

Capstone Project (PERF-UT 400, 4 points)

Students in this course will build on a research paper/project that they originated in another PS course, with the goal of extending, refining, and further developing it in order to synthesize what they have learned, as well as further hone their research, analysis, and writing skills.

General Education (44 points)

View the CASE Core Requirements page for full details.
  • Language/Literature - 8 points
    • Writing the Essay: Art and the World (EXPO-UA 5, 4 points)
    • Writing the Essay: The World Through Art (ASPP-UT 2, 4 points)
  • Foreign Language - 8 points or confirmed intermediate-level proficiency
  • Foundations of Contemporary Culture - 16 points
    • Texts and Ideas (CORE-UA 400, 4 points)
    • Cultures and Contexts (CORE-UA 500, 4 points)
    • Expressive Cultures (CORE-UA 700, 4 points)
    • Societies and Social Sciences (varies, 4 points)
  • Foundations of Scientific Inquiry - 12 points
    • Quantitative Reasoning (CORE-UA 100, 4 points)
    • Natural Science I (CORE-UA 200, 4 points)
    • Natural Science II (CORE-UA 300, 4 points)


Minor or second major

Performance Studies is best thought of as a way of thinking about, and analyzing, the world around us -- rather than an object in itself. The tools and insights students gain in PS courses are best utilized in conjunction with other disciplines, other objects of study. For that reason, PS majors are required to pursue some other academic specialization -- either a minor or a second major.  

The Minor in Performance Studies consists of 18 points:

  • Introduction to Performance Studies or advisor-approved equivalent (4 points)
  • 12 points of PS elective coursework (upper- or lower-division)
  • 2 points of Practical Experience

"The first tenet is to use performance as an organizing idea for thinking about almost anything."

— Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, University Professor Emerita