David Kahne

Adjunct Instructor

David Kahne

David Kahne is a music producer, composer, arranger, engineer and executive.

Executive work:

Sr. VP, Columbia Records 15 years. Head of A&R. 5 years Exec. VP, Warner Bros Records. Head of A&R. 5 years

Some of the artists David has produced: 

Paul McCartney, Tony Bennett, The Bangles, Fishbone, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, James Brown, Lana Del Rey, Sublime, Sugar Ray, The Strokes, Sean Lennon, Kelly Clarkson, The Rubens, Stevie Nicks, K.D. Lang, Little Richard, New Order, No Doubt, Regina Spektor, Renee Fleming, Presidents of the United States of America, Wilco, Peter Paul & Mary, Joshua Bell, Imogen Heap, Chris Isaak.

Currently working with or on :

Paul McCartney, Regina Spektor, 3 new un-signed artists (new artist development is a passion), film score for “Sublime: the Band” documentary, scoring & sound design for Nat Geo Ocean Encounter in Times Square, composing score for a late-2020 CBS TV series “Gimme Shelter”.

Some scoring and composition work:

David is also a composer of orchestral music. He has written 3 full-length orchestral ballets and composed the score for the Dublin-produced "Bloom", a film adaptation of Joyce's "Ulysses" starring Stephen Rea. Other scores include music for “Magic Trip” & “The Armstrong Lie” for Alex Gibney. He also recently composed 2 pieces for Twyla Tharp, "Treefrog@Stonehenge" & “Snippets”. 

David has his own studio, See Squared Studios, situated in the Lower East Side of NYC, where he does most of his production work.