Ithai Benjamin

Assistant Arts Professor

Ithai Benjamin

Ithai Benjamin is an Assistant Arts Professor in the Collaborative Arts Department. He holds a BFA in Music from CUNY and an MPS from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Ithai is an artist, musician, animator and builder. He creates interactive tools, toys, and electronic instruments. His research includes analog and digital technology with a particular focus on group collaboration, performance, play and DIY ethics. Ithai has performed with his robotic puppets "The Princes of Persuasion" in festivals and galleries, and has led puppet and performance workshops at MOMA, HERE Arts Center, and Cue Arts Foundation.

Prior to his appointment, Ithai taught at NYU's ITP and Brooklyn Friends School. He composes music for films, TV, games and advertising. His work has been published in Make Magazine and the book Handmade Electronic Music.

Courses Taught:

Handmade Music
Puppets and Performing Objects
Occupy Outer Space
Digital Language & Storytelling
Technology in Action
Art & Technology