Mark L Arywitz


Phtot of Mark L Arywitz

Credits include the TV drama, "Mozart's Requiem" (Kel-Ben Inc.), the feature, "Just Before Dawn" (PictureMedia Ltd.) and the commissioned screenplays "Against The Wind" and "Holier Than Thou" (Master Arts) and an adaptation of the novel "African Poison Murders" (Scorpio Prod.). Among his other screenplays are "Small Game", "Crazy Sad Songs", and "Clay". He has also collaborated on the scripts "Double-Take", "O.O.B.E.", and an adaptation of the historical novel "The Gadfly", as well as, most recently, another adaptation, "Angel Fire".


Dramatic & Visual Writing 1 
Dramatic & Visual Writing 2 
Storytelling Strategies recitations 
Writing The Short Screenplay 
Writing The Feature (summer) 
Scriptwriting 1 (summer)


B.A. (Antioch College) 
M.A. (SUNY Buffalo)