Tisch West

NYU Tisch West is an alliance of LA based alumni from NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

NYU Tisch West exists to increase the visibility of Tisch alumni working in the entertainment industry and to create professional inter-departmental collaborations and cross-generational relationships between alumni. NYU Tisch West is headed by The Tisch West Alumni Council, a working board that serves as the link between LA alumni and Tisch; the organizational arm for fundraising efforts in LA; and a bridge to ease the transition for alumni from East Coast to West --  the classroom to the entertainment business.

Contact the Tisch West Council at: tsoa.west@nyu.edu

More About Tisch West

Writer's Lab West

Writer's Lab West is a community and resource center for dedicated NYU alumni writers in Los Angeles. Through regular meet-ups, events and an online forum board, Writer's Lab West provides writing resources and instruction, encourages NYU writers to meet and help each other, and provide professional writing opportunities.

Tisch Actors West

Tisch Actors West is a community and resource center for dedicated NYU alumni actors in Los Angeles that host regular meet-ups and special events ranging from panels, workshops, outings, and get togethers.


Tisch West Works

Tisch West Works is a collaborative arts forum that brings writers, directors, producers, and actors together to share and develop new creative work. For each session, writers have an opportunity to submit pages to have read, actors have an opportunity to present scenes, producers can pitch, and directors may present cuts of their films. The goal behind Tisch West Works is to provide a safe "think tank" to gain fresh perspective and support by fellow NYU alumni artists.