Florence Barrau-Adams

Thursday, Oct 22, 2015

The WNYU Family Tree

The WNYU Family Tree

When I was a student in the early 90's the Film & TV Department was the Film, TV and & Radio Department. WNYU was located at 721 Broadway on the 11th floor and the station was integrated into the school curriculum. I took Sound Image with Lynne McVeigh and produced a kids story for a project. Lynne asked if I was interested in children's media and I was. There was an idea floating around for a kids radio show that needed a producer to bring to life. For a couple years I produced Radio Recess, a 30min storytelling show for kids.

My last semester at NYU I was asked to head a project to create a program guide for the station. It was a lot of work and took us quite a while to complete. We pulled together an incredibly talented team of artists and writers to create a comprehensive guide to our station. I have attached a pdf of that guide.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

— Florence Barrau-Adams, Class of 1992, Teaneck, NJ