Erik Braund

Class of 2010

Erik Braund

Erik Braund owns and operates his own audio and video production facility, Braund Sound.


I started my first recording studio when I was a senior in high school. It was above an auto repair shop in Anchorage, Alaska. Today I own and operate an audio and video production facility in Brooklyn. I am a video producer for The New York Times, and continue to produce records and concert films. I work closely with alum and current students and faculty in my professional career. ReMu continues to open doors for me 5 years after graduating. I am a full-blown Pomeranian enthusiast. I played drums for Jay Z at the superbowl, and I look like Conan O'Brien.

I look like Conan O'Brien

I played Drums for Jay Z at the Superbowl

Q What was your favorite part about attending Recorded Music?

My favorite part about attending Recorded Music was being given the opportunity to create productions in world class facilities, and get one on one feedback from some legendary producers.

Q How did Recorded Music prepare you for success?

ReMu helped me hone in on what exactly I wanted to do, and how to best present myself when doing it.

Q What are you currently doing professionally?

I own Braund Studios - which consists of a recording studio, a mastering studio, and a video production studio, in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Aside from operating the studio, I am a music and video producer. I make albums when I can, and I am a video producer for The New York Times. I also am helping open the New York office of Anthem Films, a Los Angeles based film company. I still play in my alaskan rock band Delmag.

Q What words of wisdom can you share?

Make friends, and stay friends with your classmates. It has been remarkable to watch as fellow classmates rise through the ranks of the music industry. ReMu continues to be a calling card for introductions and collaborations.