G. Be

G. Be

Genesis Be is a critically acclaimed rapper from Biloxi, Mississippi. She is also a Hurricane Katrina Survivor who relocated to New York City after helping in rebuilding efforts after the storm. After graduating NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, her work has been positively critiqued by L.A. Times, The Village Voice, Soultrain and more. 

She began rapping at the age of 13. Genesis utilized Hip-Hop as an educational tool for the first time, when she was approached by The Mississippi Aids Task force in 2004. They asked her to write a song that informed youth about the AIDS virus. The piece was a success and was turned into a music video that featured youth from her hometown. Around the same time, Genesis link with Lynn Meadows & Ken Leonard to produce Rapsody, and educational rap piece that educates youth about the element of the orchestra.

It was the beginning of a long line of activism for the young rapper,  music being her main tool for change. Since graduating college, Genesis launched a youth empowerment campaign called Strive Till I Rise. She has worked with established organizations like The Boys & Girls Club, Mississippi AIDS Task Force & Lynn Meadows Discovery Center to complete workshops with hundreds of kids. The workshops use audio/visuals (mainly Hip Hop music) to explore topics like HIV/AIDS awareness, resume building, gun violence, conflict resolution, teen pregnancy, the voting process, bullying and community activism.

She currently resides in New York City but hopes to bring her talents & experience back home to the Gulf Coast.



Q What was your favorite part about attending Recorded Music?

My favorite part about the program was direct advice from those who have had success in the entertainment industry. The program coupled this with the opportunities for hands on, real life experience. Lauren Davis' contractual law class was probably my favorite class, a close second to classes led by Jim Anderson & Michael McCoy.

Q How did Recorded Music prepare you for success?

I went into the program as an ethereal artist and left with skills that would later help me convert my creativity into sustainable income and impactful work.

Q What are you currently doing professionally?

Since graduating, I've gone on to explore my passion for activism & event production. I've also released a new political project titled "Poli Trap" that recently received positive critique from SoulTrain.

I developed a social venture call Strive Till I Rise and led a series of speaking events and workshops in my home state, Mississippi.

I've also recently resigned from a full time position of Cultural Events Coordinator at The Breslin/Liberty Hall at Ace Hotel New York.

Q What words of wisdom can you share?

I don't have any words of wisdom, per se. Just enjoy the ride. Don't let opportunities pass you up, seize them. Don't get discouraged in your pursuits or focus on what other people are doing unless you aim to learn from them. Focus on your craft, enjoy the process and work hard in your endeavors.