Jennifer Newman Sharpe

Class of 2007

Jennifer Newman Sharpe

Jennifer Newman Sharpe is an entertainment, intellectual property, and start-up business attorney based in New York.

Jennifer works closely with creative, entrepreneurial, and innovative clients to develop strategies and negotiate agreements in order to maximize their creative opportunities, and protect and leverage their creative works. In 2014, with fellow ReMu alumn Julia Wilde, Jennifer co-founded Sparkplug, the sharing economy marketplace where musicians rent their instruments, gear, and space to each other. Jennifer is also Vice President and General Counsel of the national non-profit organization Women in Music. She has spoken at numerous conferences and schools, including SXSW, NYU, and Sync Summit, on topics such as music licensing, music business, and women's role in the music industry.

Q What was your favorite part about attending Recorded Music?

My favorite part about attending Recorded Music was meeting and collaborating with so many creative people - both professors and peers. Also, the guest speakers and teachers were fantastic, from all areas of the industry and always at the top of their field.

Q How did Recorded Music prepare you for success?

Recorded Music allowed me to develop both as a business person and also as an artist, which has been invaluable to my career. I continue to approach law, business, and entrepreneurship from the creative and collaborative perspective that I first acquired at ReMu.

Q What are you currently doing professionally?

In addition to my work as an entertainment attorney, I am co-founder (with fellow Recorded Music alum Julia Wilde), COO, and General Counsel of Sparkplug, the community marketplace where musicians rent instruments, gear, and space from each other. I am also Vice President and General Counsel of the national, non-profit organization Women in Music.

Q What words of wisdom can you share?

Be proactive about taking advantage of the opportunities that you'll have through Recorded Music. Whether it's being in studio whenever there's an extra hour, visiting your favorite professor every week during office hours, or following up with that guest speaker that inspired you, use this time to try new things, push yourself creatively, and collaborate (whether creatively or entrepreneurially) with your peers.