Design Chair Susan Hilferty featured in "The Iconic Broadway Musical Costumes We Love and Remember"

Friday, Jan 24, 2020

Design Department Chair Susan Hilferty was featured in BroadwayDirect's "Iconic Broadway Musical Costumes We Love and Rememberfor Glinda's Bubble Dress in Wicked

The long-running musical Wicked has been seen by so many fans since it opened in 2003 that most of the costumes have essentially become iconic due to the show’s longevity. There is, however, one costume among Susan Hilferty’s brilliant and whimsical designs that stands out: Glinda’s bubble dress. When the “Good” Witch of Oz makes her entrance in a traveling bubble, she arrives in an ice-blue, puffy-sleeved, off-the-shoulder gown with a corseted bodice and sequined petals spraying out from the waist. The dress employs nine different fabrics, and it has a harness built into its waistband to secure Glinda to the flying bubble. -BroadwayDirect

Read more about Susan's designs - and the other iconic Broadway costumes - in the article here, and congratulations to Susan!