VRChat Tour Agency

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Take a trip with Virtualis - The #1 VRChat Tour Agency!

Virtualis is a creative experiment in art, research, and performance. Using the social VR platform VRChat, artists Matt Romein and Lydia Jessup have created a conceptual tourist agency as a way to engage audiences with their research and fascinations with social VR. While being playful, performative, and fun, their tours are also critical examinations of the culture-making, body confusions, and social norms specific to VRChat and prevalent in social VR as a medium.

Virtualis is the manifestation of the belief that media theory and deep thinking around the future of our digital spaces and counterparts can be explored and discussed outside of research papers and academic institutions. Book a tour today and join us in exploring and questioning what social VR can teach us about the world today and our virtual future.

Read more about the project at https://virtualis.tours/

Join us for a tour!

We are running tours this week at the following times:

Nov 23rd Monday, 7pm EST

Nov 25th Wednesday, 9am EST

Nov 25th Wednesday, 11am EST

Join a live stream of one of our tours at https://virtualis.tours/watch   

If you have a VR headset you can sign up to join a tour here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/virtualis-tour-tickets-126718527527

*Please be sure to read the technical requirements before signing up*