ITP Alum in Bushwick Daily

Tuesday, Apr 23, 2019



ITP Alum Mark Kleback was written up in the Bushwick Daily:

On the last week of March, the owners of Secret Project Robot, a local DIY art and music space, stated their farewell after being in business for over a decade: “On April 31st, 2019, Secret Project Robot will be saying [goodbye] to our Broadway space and once again moving on to other art experiments and new awesome schemes and adventures, this will be just another leg of our 15 year journey, and we are, as always elated for the next phase of our comical missions into the absurd.”

The new business moving in, Wonderville, is an independent arcade started by a collective called Death by Audio Arcade. They hope to keep the venue’s charm and build a strong community and it will continue to be a bar and event space. In a month’s time, the noise-spattered floor will become something else again, replaced by lines of video games in decorative arcade cabinets, operated by the new owners.

"I would hope people would see this as the same kind of space,” Mark Kleback said. Kleback is an adjunct professor at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, with an old school gamer’s beard. He pays the bills by building arcade cabinets for corporate clients and festivals, “People see what we do and they get really excited about getting arcade cabinets for their office or some event.”

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