Spring 2017 Salon Series

series discussion

The Department of Performance Studies presents the Spring 2017 Salon Series!

To continue the spirit of PRAXIS, The Salon Series is a Spring workshop series for students to lead interactive seminars within the Performance Studies community. 

This week's Salon Series features Goldie Arnold (MA'17), Patricia Gomes (MA '17) & Annie Seminara (BA '17). 

Goldie Arnold will present her lecture "The Substance of Style: Dynasty, Shoulder-Pads, & the Interpellation of Women Into the Neoliberal Workforce." In this talk, Goldie will dissect the original broadcast of Dynasty and its role in women’s lives. Taking cues from Félix Guattari’s ideas of subjectivation, she contends that the shift in structure of the Soap Opera into primetime television facilitated and encouraged women to enter the workforce.

Patrica Gomes will present her newest work titled, "Vertigo and Double Dutch: The Ephemeral Geographies of Black Girlhood." This lecture address the game of double-dutch and Valerie Thomas's theory of vertigo to understand the sudden disorienting feelings of diaspora as necessitating new forms of movement to learn to pass through such movements of vertigo. 

Annie Seminara will present a workshop titled, "PS Action: A Performance Studies Reading of Contemporary Direct Action Movements." PS Action will explore the relationship between direct political action and theoretical questions within the field of performance studies, with a particular focus on New York-based movements. The workshop will take the form of a seminar with open discussion and working groups. Making use of videos of the events, we will situate our analysis of actions like Swipe it Forward, A Day Without Immigrants, and the JFK protest within discussions about the performance strategies these actions might be utilizing.