2020 BA Capstone Symposium

In May 2020, The Department of Performance Studies proudly presented our students culminating Capstone presentations. Students who presented their projects created a webpage to go along with their presentations to feature their work. Those webpages can be found here! Please explore and enjoy all of our students hard work, and congratulations to the class of 2020!  

Capstone Symposium Invite

Join us for our 2020 BA Capstone Symposium!

Monday, May 4th Presentations

Presenter Title of Capstone Project
Elsa Bean "The Most Dissolute Licentiousness of the Fables of the Past": Lesbian Pornography and Identity in the Enlightenment Eurosphere
Micaela Brinsley In Search of Home
Will Garden RAW
Robbie Keyes Brothers for Life - The link between fraternity hazing and endurance performance art
Aarlene Vielot Encoding BIas: Facial Recognition and the Maintenance of the Status Quo 

Monday, May 11th Presentations

Presenter Title of Capstone Project
Sol Cabrini de la Ciudad & Chaski No Cesura
Georgia Galvin  
Hadar Landan I Still Remain
Kennedi Mayes Unedited: Dead Ended Letters
Khrysgiana Pineda Writing a YA Novel
Atea Stefani Censoring the Break
Yaneirie Rondon Identity and Representation in the Age of Social Media: The Case of Olivia Jade

January 2020 Grads

Lisa Mordkovich
Agnes Walsh