Major Requirements

Area I: Studio Courses 40 credits (minimum)

Required courses:

Freshman Year:
Photography & Imaging Digital  -  4pts
Photography & Imaging Analog  -  4pts
Visual Thinking (course optional for transfer students)  -  4pts

Sophomore Year: Photography & Imaging: Multimedia  -  4pts

Senior Year: Senior Directed Projects (fall)  -  4pts

Additional courses must be taken to bring cumulative points to a minimum of 40 points.

Area II: Critical Studies 24 credits (minimum)

Required courses:

Freshman Year: 
Culture, History, Imaging & Photography Studies (CHIPS)  -  4pts
Note: Course optional for transfer students

Sophomore Year:
The Social History of Photography (fall only) - 4pts
The Aesthetic History of Photography (spring only) - 4pts

Additional critical studies courses to bring cumulative points to a minimum of 24 points.

Note: One Cinema Studies Tier II course may count toward Critical Studies. Select Open Arts Courses may count toward Critical Studies. Check with Department.

Area III: Liberal Arts Courses  44 credits (minimum)

Freshman Year:
Writing the Essay: Art and the World  -  4pts
Writing the Essay: The World Through Art  -  4pts

Required liberal arts courses minimums for each area:
Two semesters of a language or literature -  8pts
One Art History course in the Department of Art History (Modern Art or History of Art II is highly recommended, or a broad overview course. Art History requirement may also be fulfilled in study abroad with Department approval.)  -  4pts
One Social Science course (i.e. Anthropology, Economics, Politics, Psychology, Sociology, etc.)  -  4pts
One Natural Science or Mathematics course (i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Computer Science, etc.)  -  4pts

Additional CAS or select Tisch Liberal Arts courses to bring cumulative points to a minimum of 44 points (Languages, Literatures, Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Science, or Mathematics, etc.) 
Note: Film as Literature courses count as general Liberal Arts, not as Literature.

Area IV: ELECTIVES Credits to bring cumulative total to 128 points

An elective can be any course, in any subject, in any division of New York University except the School of Professional Studies. Any course in the major that a student does not receive a C or better counts as elective credit and does not count as major credits.