Spring Future Artists Program Requirements

Get revved up for college.

Please read the following admissions information before starting your online application. You may be contacted for an audition or additional application materials. You can find important dates on the Tisch Special Programs Admissions Calendar.

How do I apply?

  • Step 1 - Requirements and Eligibility
  • Step 2 - Online Application
  • Step 3 - Verification
  • Step 4 - Supplemental Profile Form
  • Step 5 - Financial Information Form
  • Step 6 - Notification
  • Step 7 - Confirmation


  • You must be a current freshman, sophomore, or junior high school student living in the New York metropolitan area. Students must be able to commute to NYU each weekend to attend the sessions. Housing is not available for this program. There are no exceptions.
  • There is no GPA minimum requirement for this program. SAT and ACT testing grades are NOT reviewed.

This is a collaborative, rigorous, and competitive program so your presence is keenly felt. You should arrive ready to absorb, challenge, and internalize what is being offered. Your prior accomplishments are not as important as being open to the ideas and training that will be presented.

Your admissions decision is based on a faculty review of your entire application, including your personal statement, letter of recommendation, résumé, and transcripts. Those that are selected will be brought in for an in-person interview.

All communications regarding your application, including your admissions decision, will be communicated to you via the email address that you designate as your primary email address on the application. Please check this email account regularly, as you will be receiving communications that are often time-sensitive and require a response.


You must submit the following items:

  • Online application form (remember to use your name exactly as it appears on your birth certificate/passport in your application and supporting documents)
  • Personal statement
  • Creative résumé
  • One recommendation letter
  • Official high school transcript issued directly from the school
    Homeschooled Candidates: Please review the policy for documentation in the Transcripts section below.


Type or copy and paste your statement in the Personal Statement section within the online application. The personal statement prompt consists of Part A and Part B which should be answered separately.

Your complete personal statement should total 500-1500 words. You may not re-submit the same statement from another Tisch Special Programs application.

We recommend first typing your personal statement in your preferred composition program, then you can copy and paste your Personal Statement into the "Personal Statement" section of your application. 

The prompt for Part A is the same for all tracks within the Future Artists program. The prompt for Part B is specific to your chosen track (e.g. there is a specific prompt for dance applicants, recorded music applicants, etc.).

If you have selected a second or third choice program, please respond to the Part B prompts for those as well. Please make it clear where the responses for your first, second, and third choices begin.

The prompts are provided in the application. 


In the Documents section of the online application, upload your creative résumé. Your creative résumé should highlight creative and artistic work accomplished, activities, and relevant employment. Your résumé should also include:


  • Your full name and contact information
  • Any extra-curricular activities or work in your community
  • Additional information such as awards, hobbies, and interests
  • OPTIONAL: URL links to your online media (e.g. video, music, photography, etc.)



Within the online application, please enter the name and email address of your recommender. The recommendation must be from a high school representative, ideally one who is familiar with your interest in the performing or media arts. You have the option of adding a second recommender, however only one is required.

Register your recommender early! After sending the recommendation form, please be sure to follow up with your recommender to ensure that they have received it. You should allow your recommender 1-2 weeks to complete the recommendation. Recommendations must be received by the application deadline.

Once you submit your recommender's information, they are emailed instructions on how to submit their online recommendation. If a recommender has trouble completing their online recommendation please have them contact our office. You will be emailed confirmation that the recommendation has been received. The subject of the confirmation email is “Tisch Application Reference Submission”.


Request your transcript early. You should allow at least 2-4 weeks for processing and delivery to Tisch Special Programs. Your official transcripts must be received (not postmarked) in our office by the application deadline. If we have not received your official transcripts by the application deadline, your application will not be considered for admission.

Official transcripts must be issued directly from the high school to Tisch Special Programs and should be sent via one of the following methods:

  • Email: This is our preferred delivery method.
    • Emailed transcripts must come from a school representative or an official transcript service on behalf of your school.
    • Our email address is tisch.special.admissions@nyu.edu.
  • Mail: Mailed transcripts must be sealed and issued directly from your school to:
    • New York University
      Tisch Office of Special Programs Admissions
      721 Broadway, Rm 1248
      New York, NY 10003


Need to convert your GPA to a 4.0 scale? Try CollegeBoard’s GPA Calculator.


Homeschooled Applicants

In place of a formal transcript from a high school, please have your parent/guardian in charge of your homeschooling email a document to tisch.special.admissions@nyu.edu detailing the following:

  • Completed and in-progress coursework
  • Summary of each course's content
  • Explanation of academic achievement in each course, summarized with a letter grade (A-F) if possible
  • If you have previously attended a high school, please request that they send an official transcript to Tisch Special Programs via one of the delivery methods outlined above.


Email is our primary method of communication; therefore, please make sure to allow emails from tisch.special.admissions@nyu.edu and movein.support@qs-unisolution.com to be viewed.  

You will receive two verification emails after submitting your application.

  • "Application Received" - Within 24 hours of submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email verifying that it was successfully received. However, this does not mean your application is complete.

  • "Application Complete" - After receipt of your "Application Received" email, please allow 3-5 business days for your application to be assessed for completeness. Our office will send an email verifying that your application is either complete or missing materials.  Any part of your submitted application that is missing/incomplete, must be completed and/or received by the application deadline. 

If you have not received the "Application Complete" email, please contact our office promptly to inquire about your missing materials. Only once your application is complete will you be evaluated by our faculty for admission and receive final status notification.  



"NYU Tisch Future Artists Supplemental Profile Form [MANDATORY]" - Within 24 hours of receiving notification that your application is complete, you will receive this email. This email will contain a link to an NYU Supplemental Form and instructions on completing the form.



“NYU Financial Information Form" [MANDATORY] - Within 24 hours of submitting the Supplemental Profile Form, you will receive this email. This email will contain a link to the NYU Financial Information Form and instructions on completing the form.

Only once your application is complete will you be evaluated by our faculty for admission and receive final status notification.  A complete application consists of the online program application, the Supplemental Profile Form, and the Financial Information Form.



  • Final status notifications will be available on the dates listed in the Tisch Special Programs Admissions Calendar.
  • Early final status notification is not available.
  • You will receive an email with more information on how to log in and access your admissions decision through NYU Home.
  • If you are not accepted into your first choice program, and have indicated a second choice program, your application will be sent to the relevant department for review. You will receive additional admissions notifications for your second choice program.



If accepted, you will be required to confirm your participation using the online confirmation form. Please confirm your spot by the confirmation deadline found in your acceptance email.

If you are having difficulty with the online application, please contact us at (212) 998-1512.