Tisch Summer High School Program Policies

The Tisch Policies listed below are integral in supporting the academic mission of the Summer High School Program. Students should review and adhere to the policies listed below and understand that they may be dismissed if any of these policies are broken. Students are also responsible for any additional policies outlined in materials sent directly from their program’s department or other New York University departments.

1. Attendance and Punctuality: Students are required to attend all classes and submit all assignments. Your department will provide you with further attendance policy details.

2. Health & Wellness: Maintaining personal health during the program is critical. It is the students' responsibility to monitor and maintain their own medication or other required treatment and to alert NYU and the Tisch School of the Arts of any special needs. Students should discuss any current issues with a health professional to determine if it’s appropriate to attend this program.

3. Respect: Students should review The Tisch Policy on Harassment, as well as the Statement on Community Responsibility which requires that they respect their fellow students, faculty, and all program staff. Students may be asked to leave the program, without refund of tuition or fees, if they violate any of these principles.